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Why Do Enterprises Choose Industrial Control Motherboards?
Apr 03, 2018

The main board everyone knows, but for the industrial control motherboard may be familiar with the person is not much, in fact, it is also a main board, but more suitable for use in industrial sites, because in some aspects of the performance of the industrial control board is better than the ordinary board, can better adapt to the bad environment. The following is the introduction of high-quality industrial motherboard brand to introduce why companies choose to use this type of motherboard.

1. Fear of environmental impact

As we all know, the environment of industrial places and family and office environment are much worse than that. There are bad conditions such as dust, high temperature, high humidity, vibration and so on. These conditions have negative effects on the main board. The brand good industrial control motherboard uses high quality materials and first advance technology to handle the main board, so that it can keep good performance in such a bad environment.

2. Strong anti electromagnetic interference

Generally, the machinery equipment used in the industrial place is a highly automated production line, so the computer is required to control it extremely accurately. As an indispensable part of the hardware in the computer system, the industrial control motherboard has a strong ability to resist electromagnetic interference because it contains the auxiliary power layer and the middle signal layer, so that the computer is running in the process of operation. It can keep better stability.

3, compatibility and extensibility

Because the equipment that the different equipment needs to connect is not exactly the same, and the industrial control motherboard has good compatibility. The various interfaces above are very suitable for the industrial computer, and can support all kinds of connection requirements in various industrial machines. In addition, there are more slots on the industrial control motherboard, which can meet the expansion needs of the industrial control computer to the maximum extent.

This is why enterprises choose to use industrial control motherboards, after all, for production enterprises, the use of a high performance board can make the performance of the computer system more stable, which not only ensures faster computer operation, more precise control of the various processes of the production line, but also reduces the rate of failure and makes the production efficiency of the enterprise higher.

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