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What's The Trend On Vending Machine
Jun 14, 2018

Guidance: Along with the IOT , big data era, AI; vending machine, Convenience store, unmanned supermarkets comes out, you can see these devices all over the schools, hospitals, communities, scenic area, metro stations ,etc. People can buy the commodities , which will not be affected by the time and location. Qiyang is keenly aware of the industry's trends, starts from 2016, Qiyang starting to setup the vending machine hardware solutions to help the customer to shorten their second development time.

Icon-Operated Vending Machine

Long days ago, we shall buy the beverage, snacks, food, newspaper, magazines from such Booth.


Whiling rapidly development of the economy, there are lots of changes on manufacturing ,consumption and sales environment. It requires new distribution channel.

Comparing supermarket, department stores, and malls, the labor cost are constantly raised and the site limitation. Vending machine must be come out to replace the traditional mode, it is very convenient and cost effective mode.

Now, we can see lots of coin-operated vending machines:


Although Coin-operated vending machine has many advantages to solve the questions on the labor cost ,size limitation, inconvenient shopping ,short business time ,etc, it still has the disadvantages on below items:

1.Products are not so full, and the types are not so much ,it can’t meet customers demand.

2.It can be only paid by the coin or paper currency.

3.The users could only wait for the maintenance to handle the machine jamming.

4.Not flexible, can’t replenish timely.

5.Normally, there is no screen can run the advertisement and commodity information

6.Can’t learn about the inventory’s status, can’t replenish immediately.

7.When set the machines to the sites, it shall cause many issues on the operation and managements.

So the vending machine did not be widely promoted, although it has been introduced into the China market more than 10 years. Untill the new retail concept blooms, the mobile payment be regarded as one of the Chinese New Four Inventions.

 Economy growth has increased the consumption upgrades, consumers demand be urgently increased by the convenient shopping demand.

The traditional coin-operated vending machine can’t satisfy the people now.

As known, every 40 persons in USA, there is a vending machine, every 23 persons in Japan, there is a vending machine, but in China, only 4500 persons has one vending machine.

So, vending machine can occupy big market share in China. 

Complying with this market request, Qiyang give full play to the hardware and software development capacity. It provides ARM structure Android system hardware platform. Customers can do second development base on the underlying software to achieve operation and maintenance management. The management background can shows each area’s site’s stock status. Then replenish together.

Intelligent vending machine can add the Ads, Games, Big data management etc together

Qiyang Intelligent Vending Machine Solutions

Case Introductions:

This case integrates communications, control, display functions together. Solve the Ads playing, Choose items from touch panel, mobile payment ,remote monitoring perfectly.

Case Structure Picture:



Technical Parameters:

 Case Name

Solutions   for Vending Machine


Freescale i.mx6

ARM Cortex-A9Architecture

CPU Frequency






Communication Interface

2-ch RS232 , 1-CH for debug uart,   1-CH for communication;

1-Ch 10/100/1000 mbps LAN port.

2-CH USB: 1-CH USB 2.0 Host, 1-CH   USB-WIFI

1-CH mini PCI-E, to connect 3G/4G   module


1-CH LVDS , to connect 4.3 inch~21.5   inch capacitive touch panel;

1-CH HDMI, to connect HD displayer;


Capacitive touch panel


Multi-channels, to connect   indicator, keyboard.




RTC clock

Software System



Reset Button


Temperature & Humidity

Humidity:5%~ 95%,

Working Temp.:-20℃~ +70℃


Tips:Can extend more RS232/RS485 port. 

Case Features:

●With UART,Network, Audio, USB,4G,WIFI,HDMI ports which vending machine needs.

●Support 1080P dual screens with differential videos, main screen can run Ads, it benefits for the operations; Secondary screen to connect commodities and settlement information, it supports the mobile payment, such as WeChat, Alipay, Baidu Packet etc.

●It integrates communication, control, display together;

●Sales database, machine status , shortage state ,malfunctional information shall be reported to the background monitoring system. The platform can control the vending machine state at any time.

●Run Android OS, interactive experience with multi-media 

Though ,it is good enough for a vending machine use, but Qiyang developed an much better intelligent vending machine base on RK3288. It adds the technology by face recognition, it can promote the Ads by consumer’s age, gender. Consumers can choose the commodities quickly base on their buying preferences. The AD operators can promote more accurately.

Now we shall introduce you the below high performance mainboard .


●ARM Cortex-A17 kernel Quad Core processor, CPU frequency reaches up to 1.8Ghz;---60% increase comparing with Cortex-A9

●Mali-T764 GPU, supports AFBC, supports OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0/3.1, OpenCL, DirectX9.3;--500% increase comparing to Mali-400MP4.

●4K Video hardware decoding and outputs, support dual screen with differential shows---The first H265 4KX2k decoding chipset in global.

●Abundant peripheral interfaces;---Extend HDMI, Ethernet MAC,S/PDIF,USB,I2C

●Supports multi display interfaces, resolutions up to 3840*2160---Bring clear visual enjoying to the users.

●Large capacity---Pair with 2G DDR3,8GB/16GB high speed storage;

●With powerful telecommunication functions---With 1-CH UART, 2-CH USB, 1-CH OTG, 1-CH giga Ethernet,1-CH VGA, 1-CH HDMI, 1-CH Bluetooth/WIFI etc.

●Support Android 5.1 OS.

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