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What Aspects Need To Pay Attention To The Maintenance Of Industrial Flats?
Apr 03, 2018

Industrial plates bring a lot of convenience to industrial production, but it is necessary to pay attention to maintenance to maintain stability and use longer time. For example, the industrial flat in a long time, may cause a lot of dust in the container, if not clean up in time, then may affect the normal use, so in order to reduce or avoid the occurrence of failure, the maintenance work of the industrial platform needs to pay attention to the following aspects.

First, pay attention to the working time of industrial flat, not too long, and give proper rest.

Due to the need of normal production, the industrial control system of some factories needs a long time to work, resulting in a great challenge to the industrial tablet computer operation system. Therefore, it is suggested that the industrial tablet can be restarted with the industrial computer and disk defragmentation regularly in order to reduce the disk error caused by long time work. From the practical experience of industrial flat panel manufacturers, a standard month can restart and sort out a computer, which can reduce the probability of disk errors.

Two. Pay attention to avoid the high temperature inside the industrial flat

In a long period of high temperature operating environment, each element is very easy to age or increase the frequency of hard disk failure. Therefore, it is necessary for the maintenance personnel of the factory automation system to pay close attention to the temperature of the industrial flat chassis in daily inspection, and try to take some measures to reduce the temperature and control it in the room temperature range. For example, it is possible to install fans inside the chassis to draw air outside the cabinet, increase air convection, or install air conditioning in the control room to reduce the space temperature and so on.

Three. Keep the humidity suitable for the environment

Industrial Tablet PC is mainly composed of many electronic components integrated circuits, and its insulation performance is very related to environmental humidity. The high efficiency industry plate manufacturers find that the humidity is too large to cause the circuit board short circuit and burned; the humidity is too small, it is easy to produce static electricity, it will also break through some electronic components, so the humidity must be controlled within the specified range.

The above is the maintenance work of the industrial plate needs to pay attention to several aspects, in addition to pay attention to the static protection measures, such as good instrument grounding. At the same time, attention should be paid to avoiding the excessive damage to the surface of the industrial plate, such as the optical drive, disk and so on, so as far as possible the vibration of the small work site, if it is not possible to move the equipment at the bottom of the sponge in order to reduce the impact of vibration.

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