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Qiyang I.MX6 Mainboard Supports Android 6.0 NOW !!
Jun 07, 2018

Qiyang I.MX6 Mainboard’s Android 6.0 BSP has been ported base on NXP Freescale Android 6.0 BSP.


1. Kernel Version

Zhejiang Qiyang Android 4.4 BSP Linux Kernel Version:3.0.35

Zhejiang Qiyang Android 6.0 BSP Linux Kernel Version: 4.1.15.

    Kernel version has been upgraded.


1.2 Android Version

Zhejiang Qiyang Android 4.4 BSP, Android version is 4.4.2.

Zhejiang Qiyang Android 6.0 BSP, Android version is 6.0.1.

Android 6.0 has updated more functions comparing with Android 4.4.


2. Supported Functions

Currently, Qiyang has published the Android 6.0 BSP, named QY_IMX6_Android601_V1.00.00.

Aim at Zhejiang Qiyang I.MX6 platform, functions be debugged, functions are improved constantly.  The current support functions:

LVDS,ft5x06/gt9xx,i2c Touch, Mouse, USB Flash Disk, SD Card.

USB OTG, LAN Port, RTC, Audio Output, Audio Input, RS232.

RS485, GPIO, 4G SIMCom, 4G Quectel, Camera UVC.

Buzzer, CAN, GPS ublox, Quectel Module, GPS, HDMI Audio & Video etc.



3.Android Functions Update

What is the difference between Android 6.0 and Android 4.4

1)Kernel: BUG Recovery, Performance Updates, New Character. Linux 4.1.15 used the device tree to configure, more convenient, easy for developer to use.

2)Android Interface: UI is more suitable for user to view.

3)Function: Functions update, supports more new characters. Android 6.0( API 23), besides the new characters and functions, it has changed to the system and API.

 1-Main interface.png




3.2  Some Example For Updates

Above Android 5.0 version, it introduces Material Design concept. The new visual language, while handling the basic elements, it refer to the traditional print design, font pattern ,space , ratio, color blending to handle the graphic design.

Above Android 5.0 version, it supports 64 -bit ART virtual machine. It abandoned Dalvik virtual machine, but using ART mode, it crossed platform to compile, it works in ARM, X86,MIPS etc.

Android 6.0 introduces dynamic permission management, users can control the application permission when running. By using this mode, the users can better learn and control permission. Meanwhile, it lets the developers to simplified installation and auto-updating process. The users can award or cancel permission for each application.

Android 6.0 has introduced the newest energy-saving optimization for space device and application. It is low-power mode and standby mode.

Android 6.0 removed the support for the Apache HTTP client end. More efficiency, as it can use transparent compression and response buffer to lower network use, and it can reduce the power consumption at maximum.

Android 6.0 text option. When choosing text option, it shows ‘cut’ ‘copy’ ‘paste’ in tool bar.


4-Settings interface.png


5-About tablet interface.png

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