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『Core Board』The Difference Between Cortex-A5, A8 And A9--The Same GHz, The Same CPU Performance?
Jul 27, 2018

The ARM core that supports intelligent systems has the following categories:

ARM9: instruction set ARMv5 grade 5 pipeline, 1.1DMIPS / MHz

ARM10E: instruction set ARMv5, it develops after intel is authorized, such as PXA270, PXA210 series, 6/7-level pipeline, 1.35DMIPS / MHz

ARM11: instruction set ARMv6, 8-level pipeline, 1.25DMIPS / MHz

Cortex-A8: instruction set ARMv7-A, 13-level integer pipeline, superscalar dual emission, 2.0DMIPS / MHz, standard Neon, does not support multi-core

Scorpion: instruction set ARMv7-A, which is designed based on A8 after Qualcomm aquired instruction set authorization. 13-level integer pipeline, superscalar dual launch, partial disorder execution.


                                Qiyang TI AM335X Cortex-A8 board

2.1DMIPS / MHz, standard Neon, support multi-core

Cortex-A9: instruction set ARMv7-A, 8-level integer pipeline, superscalar dual launch, out of order execution, 2.5DMIPS / MHz, Neon / VFPv3 optional, support multi-core

Freescale i.MX6 Development Board.jpg

                          Qiyang Freescale i.mx6 Cortex-a9 board

Cortex-A5: instruction set ARMv7-A, 8-level integer pipeline, 1.57DMIPS / MHz, Neon / VFPv3 optional, support multi-core


                               Qiyang Atmel A5D3X Cortex-A5 board

Cortex-A15: instruction set ARMv7-A, superscalar, out of order execution, Neon / VFPv4 optional, support multi-core

The processor performance is determined by the mips value, that is, how many million instructions are handled per hertz. CPU frequency is only the normal working clock rate, which is, how many times the CPU vibrates in 1 second of in the AC circuit, accurate CPU performance criteria should be: CPU performance = ipc (the number of instructions of CPU implements in each clock cycle) × frequency (MHz clock speed), that is, the number of cycles of oscillation the CPU experiences, and the number of instructions each oscillation cycle runs .

90% Mobile phone CPU is arm structure, arm architecture is divided into different algebra, such as the Nokia 500 is arm11 architecture 1ghz, moto xt615 is cortex a5 architecture, ZTE u8800 + is scorpion architecture monocular 1ghz modified based on cortex a8 architecture, Meizu mx is cortex a9 architecture dual-core 1ghz, and Huawei plte is krait architecture based on cortex a9 architecture.

Each of the different architectures have a fixed dmips value, each CPU also have their own different dmips value, that is, integer instructions every CPU accomplishes per second per octet, the unit is mips / mhz, generally in order to compare the performance of different CPU , While the phone CPU also could be a standard example of computer CPU performance comparison. arm11 architecture dmips's theoretical value is 1.2mips / mhz, a5 architecture is 1.6mips / mhz, scorpion architecture's theoretical value is 2.1mips / mhz, a9 architecture is 2.5mips / mhz, krait architecture is 3.3mips / mhz.


Then you can calculate the performance of each CPU:

Nokia 500 Freescale ms455 is arm11 architecture 1ghz = 1.2x1000 = 1200mips

xt615 high-pass msm7227a is a5 architecture 800mhz = 1.6x800 = 1280mips

u8800+'s msm8225 = 2.1x1000 = 2100mips

Meizu mx exynos4210 = 2.5x2x1400 = 7000mips

Huawei p lte msm8960 = 3.3x2x1500 = 9900mips


In other words, it seems that all are 1ghz, but the actual performance of Huawei u8800 + CPU performance is 1.75 times than the Nokia 500. Likewise, the actual performance of A7 500 MHz CPU performance is more powerful than A5 500MHz.

Freescale 6UL.jpg

                       Qiyang Freescale i.mx6UL Cortex-A7 board

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